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Volunteers are Bringing Public Art to Downtown Westerly

Plans are ramping up to paint colorful murals across the downtown area

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

In a few decades many things will change. Trends will die off and old shops might be replaced, but next year a group of committed volunteers will bring something long lasting to the downtown area of Westerly-Pawcatuck. Their idea, now known as Bricks and Murals, is to help create timeless pieces of art on the most permanent structures in the downtown area: the walls of local businesses.

After months of planning, the dates for their event have been set for September 13-17 of 2017. During this time they expect hundreds of muralists, known as the Walldogs, to infiltrate the town, creating historic themed murals that are specific to the area.

“To aid in the design of these murals, each artist is paired up with a local person with special knowledge of their particular theme,” says Wendy Brown, president of the Westerly–Pawcatuck Downtown Business Association.

These groups of artists work on a volunteer basis, often traveling from across the country to be part of gatherings that take place once a year in a different city. The four-day event will include a block party, activities for all ages and a front row seat to watch while a piece of town’s history is made.

To help create awareness and excitement for next year’s event, the committee of Bricks and Murals decided to use this September to continue generating funds. This month, multiple happenings will take place in downtown Westerly including a food stroll, a concert and a paint night. More details and dates for these events can be found on their Facebook page.

If you’re looking to fill up your calendar for the month of September, the Bricks and Murals events create ample opportunities. They also provide the possibility of looking up at a mural 50 years from now and being able to say you were a part of making that happen.

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