The Dust Ruffles' 'Innocent Filth EP' worth the wait

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Typically, when it comes to making anything, the more time it takes the better the result. It’s usually noticeable when something is hastily created versus being done deliberately.

For the Providence pop rock trio The Dust Ruffles, this is a great way to describe the making of their “Innocent Filth EP,” which came out Aug. 11. The record took a few years to finish, but musically it’s definitely worth it via the catchy harmonies and sonic elements at play. There are also subtle grooves and solid rhythms that accent various tracks within the EP.

George Dussault at Galilee Productions in Cumberland handled the production duties on the record while also lending his talents on electric guitar to one of the songs. Overall, there’s a consistent theme of love and heartbreak that flows throughout the record from start to finish.

“‘Innocent Filth’ has a theme of relationships and attraction,” guitarist and vocalist Tammy Laforest says about the EP. “It feels completely different from my deeply emotional previous solo album, ‘Copper’ which brought us together as a band. Though the lyrical content can be just as dark, the music feels upbeat and sexy. The music we create wakes up the audience, makes them dance, and even the ballads are powerful, especially with the addition of the string section in ‘Secrets’ and George Dussault’s electric guitar in ‘Waiting.’ I am proud to release a product that demonstrates what we are as a group.”

The reason why “Innocent Filth” took so long to make was because of life and other projects outside of the band. When COVID-19 shut everything down last year, it motivated LaForest, bassist Sharlene DeNardo and drummer Al Diaz to finish up the record.

“Aside from my own parts as the front person in the band, the album showcases the individual talents of each band member,” she adds. “There’s striking backing vocal parts and instrumental solos from both Sharlene on bass and Al on drums. This is what makes us The Dust Ruffles.”

“It was a long process,” DeNardo says. “We started this recording in 2015 with bass and drums and then life got in the way a bit and we all had started working on other projects. Then during the pandemic everything slowed down and we decided it was time to finish it. It was a great experience and George was able to bring in some strings and add piano guitar and organ. There wasn’t any rush so we could add things up little by little until we all felt like it was finally complete.”

“It was one of those EPs that took a bit of time to make, but once we completed it we were amazed by the result,” adds Diaz, a Cranston resident. “For us it was definitely worth the wait and I hope anyone who listens to ‘Innocent Filth’ will agree. George Dussault is a genius in the studio and he knows how to bring out the best of our musical abilities and make the band shine. We love working with him.”

Along with “Secrets” and “Waiting,” “What Am I On,” “Wild In The Middle,” “Romeo” and “Amanda” round out the rest of the EP. It’s a stellar record with songs that’ll stick in your head in a good way. It’s also ideal for anyone who appreciates the art of musical storytelling and songwriting that rides a rhythmic wave.

To stream and purchase “Innocent Filth,” log on to The Dust Ruffles’ Bandcamp page a twww. thedustruffles.bandcamp.com.


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