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Style Profile: Josh Bazar

Providence Monthly Magazine ·

"As soon as the warmer weather begins, my personal style becomes heavily New England-influenced. My parents were avid boaters throughout my childhood; we spent weekends on Block Island, in Newport and in the marinas of Narragansett Bay. In short, I live in my Sperrys from June till the end of August."

"My grandfather has always been a man who appreciates good quality; he has paved a pretty remarkable path for my family both in business and in his personal life. One of the many traditions he’s passed on to me is custom suits from the British Taylor shop in Hong Kong. I travel to Hong Kong twice a year to buy pearls and now I include trips to the same tailor that my father and grandfather visit. I truly value these traditions, and the custom suits are remarkable. These suits are perfect for the formal occasions and many work events my position requires, but I do enjoy the process of selecting the style, fabric and fit – it reminds me of how I select pearls."

"I don’t believe in fashion ‘rules,’ but I do believe that tasteful accessories are a really great way to pull a man’s outfit together. Take, for example, khakis and a white button-down shirt. Add to that a pair of designer shoes, a belt, sunglasses and a nice watch and you can easily turn what would be a pretty ordinary outfit into a very stylish and sophisticated look."

"Fashion is marketing. Your personal style creates an outward-facing image of who you are, and with that image you can alter people’s perceptions without even having to speak. We are all born looking the way we do – that is genetics – but fashion allows us to show the world our personality, who we are inside. Fashion can be used in so many ways, whether it’s to show that you identify with a group, express your individuality, achieve a goal or represent a set of ideals. The real question is: What do you want your fashion to do for you?"

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