Leading Ladies 2016

Melissa Siple

Owner – Benefitness Pilates and Training Center

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Melissa Siple has always been athletic, but when she found Stott Pilates, the American College of Sports Medicine certified instructor knew that was it for her. “It was challenging in a way that I hadn’t been challenged before, mentally and physically,” she says. “It made me feel good when I left. And it was one of the few things that changed my body.”

Now, in addition to running Benefitness, a boutique gym in East Greenwich that offers Stott Pilates, TRX, Cycle, Barre and more, Melissa travels internationally as an elite Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, teaching Stott to other instructors. She hand-picks the ones who staff her own gym. “I get to pick the best of the best to work for me,” Melissa says, choosing people who have “the same drive for excellence and desire to improve and learn.” Even after Melissa implemented a new training program that’s now used globally for Stott instruction, that learning process never ends. “One of the things I love about being an instructor is that I get to watch people evolve. That growth is so inspiring to me. I learn from people every time I teach.”

This method, she explains, “is the contemporary approach. Joseph Pilates had great ideas, but they were based on the science of the 1800s. As science has evolved, our method has evolved to better fit clients’ needs.”

She also loves how customizable Stott is to each person’s fitness level and abilities. “It makes people feel successful,” she says. “It’s completely anatomically and physiologically appropriate for the person who’s doing it.” Among her many fitness instruction accolades, Melissa is certified through the elite ACSM Personal Training program and trained in TRX Suspension Training and RIP Training – so you really know that you’re learning from the best, even if you’re not among the super fit yourself. As she says, “I love watching people – both clients and instructors – evolve in their mastery.”

333 Main Street, East Greenwich • 401-886-5661 •  www.ripilates.com • info@ripilates.com

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