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Kenneth Cote in East Greenwich Helps Hair Change With the Seasons

Sport some new color as the leaves shift into autumn

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

I was born blonde but slowly became a brunette as I got older. There. Now you know everything I know about my hair color. Being such a newbie to having my hair done and having only had it dyed at a salon once before (it was during my Goth phase), I was nervous, but excited, at the opportunity to go to Kenneth Cote salon and have my hair done professionally.

A friend of mine exclaimed: “You should get an ombre. Oh, no… a sombre. Wait! Balayage!” “Balayage?” I replied. “Baa-lee-ahhge. It’s when they paint the color onto your hair.” With so many options to choose from, I immediately rushed to Pinterest and began pinning away, wondering if my hair could ever look as good as some of these models. Then, I found it. The perfect hair color for me. The model flaunted dark chocolate roots with flashes of red that didn’t make a big deal about themselves throughout the rest of her hair.

The next day I emailed Richard Bump, general manager for Kenneth Cote, and told him I was ready to make my appointment. Richard asked me about my hair and what I was looking for in a color. I sent him the images and we agreed on an appointment time.

Upon walking through Kenneth Cote’s doors, I immediately started to relax. The salon is warm, welcoming. I was greeted by a kind woman at the front desk who took my information and introduced me to Derek Vecoli, my hair artist for the day.

Derek was a dream. He readied the supplies he would need and when he began to paint my hair he checked in with me, asking how I was feeling, asking if the color he was putting on was felt okay. I felt great, actually. With Derek there I knew I was in good hands, and I was excited to see what my hair was going to look like. After a few hours of painting my hair, Derek took me to rinse it out. Getting my hair washed and conditioned felt amazing. He used Davines shampoo and conditioner, massaging my scalp as he rinsed. I was basically in hair heaven.

After the rinse, Derek walked with me back to the chair where he put Sebastian’s Dark Oil into my hair. As he worked it through he pulled a blow dryer out and begun to dry each section of hair, rolling it out, looking like an orchestra
conductor with such fluid movements as he dried.

I asked Derek how to describe exactly what we had done to my hair, since my hair knowledge was in short supply. “What we did is basically a balayage meets color melt. We darkened your roots and then painted the red in different places, letting it all blend together,” he said, smiling and continuing to dry my hair. The color was starting to show up and I was falling in love with the way I looked.

When Derek finished, I finally saw my new look. The dark brown showed, subtle and full of warmth, with pops of brilliant red, all looking natural with a soft hint of daring in it. My hair felt smooth as silk because of the dark oil and I couldn’t stop running my hands through it. I was impressed and perfectly thrilled with everything I had experienced. Derek and the staff at Kenneth Cote took a hair newbie and made her feel completely at home. And the best part of it all? They gave me a perfect new hair color.

Kenneth Cote Renewal Center
333 Main Street, East Greenwich

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