Kenneth Cote Creates a Fresh New Look

Getting a whole new ‘do has never felt so good

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I wandered into the beautiful Kenneth Cote Renewal Center on a dreary Saturday with my hair an absolute mess. I called it a creative experiment. I couldn’t remember the last time I let my curly hair dry by itself – and heaven forbid – without any product. Let me tell you, it was not pretty. Needless to say I was in dire need of some help. Could anyone help me attain my dreams of a sleek and straight style? You know, a little something to bring a the “party” to my hair, instead of my hair looking like I had just left the party. The kind of party where I ended up passed out on the floor. You know what I’m saying.

Luckily, stylist Melissa Yates was there to bring my hair out of the doldrums and into the spotlight. She not only promised to make it totally stylish, but also totally doable on my own. My dream of a style that rocked little frizz and lots of pizazz was something she was as excited to help attain as I was. After a chat with Melissa about what I was willing to try (pretty much anything but my shoulder length out-of-control copper locks that I’ve been rocking for years) she was ready to pull me out of my hairstyle slump.

For the color we decided on a deeper and richer shade of red that had violet and deep red tones to it, that really had some oomph. She also added in some lowlights that would peak out from the layers and add some depth. The lowlights were demi-permanent to help keep it “all about low maintenance,” so by the next time I came in for a color, they would have faded nicely instead of making my roots super noticeable. This also would make it easy for me to switch up the color again next time if I chose to. And I’m all about options.

After the color was applied, I got treated to a hand massage from Melissa with a delicious Aveda hand cream. Sufficiently lulled into what Melissa calls “the only mini vacation” a working girl gets, I was sat underneath a wonder of technology called the Climazon. This handy little spaceship-looking hair dryer uses infrared technology to help seal the cuticle and really lock in the color. It works without that blast of warm dry air we’re all so familiar with from those old dryer helmets that look like they still belong in Steel Magnolias.

After my color was set with heat and then rinsed, we moved on to the style. I was dying to have my hair a bit shorter with the fall coming. Colder weather means the idea of using a hair dryer becomes a lot more appealing, and shorter hair is so much more manageable. Melissa encouraged me to try something different than my typical layers, and we went with a slightly asymmetrical cut that hugged my hairline in the back and cascaded into a swoopy bang with longer pieces in front, which really framed my face nicely.

After the cut was finished, Melissa applied a color seal treatment called Pure NV, which contains a low level of keratin that not only helps the col- or stick around longer, but also reduces frizz and relaxes curl – bonus!

She sprayed it into my mostly dry hair and combed it through before she flat ironed my hair to set it. Not only was I pumped to have tamed my curls, but I was glad to know that my glorious new shade of red would be brilliant for a while instead of fading away within a week or two, like most reds tend to do.

So after my three-hour mini-vacation I was not only feeling relaxed, but I was also feeling fabulous. I headed off into the weekend with my shiny head held high, rocking a brand new hairstyle that was sleek, hip, oh-so red and oh-so frizz free. Now I just needed to go out and show it off. Who’s up for a cocktail?

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