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Hang Ten With Dr. Zullo

A Wakefield surfing enthusiast is also the newest Doctor about town

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There’s a new doc in town and he landed on our shores through his love of surfing. Dr. Mark Zullo has been coming here to surf a few times a week since his med school days at Tufts. He is such an avid surfer that he took the plunge and relocated his Family Medicine practice to Wakefield in September.

As a member of the Surfer’s Medical Association, Dr. Zullo has a special interest in surfing injuries. “Thankfully, injuries are rare” he says, “and have lessened in frequency since surfboard leashes were introduced.” While most injuries are cuts and bruises, sometimes from hitting the sea floor, Mark says there are ways surfers can minimize their risks including staying in shape and knowing your limits. “If you are a beginner you shouldn’t be surfing at Monahan’s Dock the day be-fore a hurricane.” The doctor, who surfs year round, also advises to be aware of how fast hypothermia can set in. “If you start to feel chilled and you are getting uncoordinated and are falling, it’s time to get out,” he cautions.

Mark caught the surfing bug at age 15 while growing up on Long Island, but he’s been surfing the So Rhode Island waters for over 30 years. His favorite spots are Matunuck and the Pt. Judith Lighthouse. He tells parents not to worry if their children want to take up the sport, saying “It’s great exercise and works the core muscles well. The younger kids seem to learn to paddle and stand very quickly.” He does note that they should be strong swimmers first and taught to respect the ocean.

The good doctor’s first prescription? His license plate says it all: RX-SURF.

Dr. Zullo is accepting new patients of all ages, including infants at South County Primary Care – Family & Inter-nal Medicine. 70 Kenyon Ave. Wake-field. 789-8543.

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