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Go Nuts for Doughnuts in Westerly

The Ocean House’s newest eatery hits the sweet spot

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A trip to the Ocean House is one of history, opulence and extreme relaxation. It’s also a top-notch foodie destination. In addition to their already stellar restaurants they’ve recently added Below Deck, a delicious gelato, old-fashioned candy and homemade doughnut shop.

It’s conveniently located along the walking path to the Ocean House beach, which means that it’s an indoor/outdoor eatery. According to Pastry Chef Oralia Perez, must-try gelato flavors are the Pistachio Amerena Cherry and Coconut and the Pineapple Sorbet. Although gelato is higher in fat than traditional ice cream, it’s well worth the splurge. “When you spin the gelato, there’s less air incorporated in it than ice cream, so it’s more dense,” Chef Oralia explains. “It’s also served differently. Ice cream can be served in an ice cream cone, whereas gelato is typically served with a spade – not a scoop. Below Deck offers waffle cones for guests, but normally you would serve gelato in a cup.”

In addition to the eight flavors of gelato, warm sugared doughnuts are handmade and fried the old fashioned way, in small batches with care. Once the doughnuts are out of the fryer and sugared, a variety of homemade dipping sauces like salted caramel, wild mixed berry and dark chocolate are available for maximum flavor potential. The doughnuts themselves are cakey and not dense at all. You can even dunk them in one of six flavors of sugar, like harvest spiced sugar, Watch Hill coffee cake sugar and powdered sugar, to name a few.

If your sweet tooth isn’t quite satisfied, Below Deck also makes homemade cookies. Currently they’re baking up oatmeal, white chocolate and cranberry chunk and a dark chocolate chunk. (Editor’s tip: You have to try them with a scoop of gelato). Wash it all down with a hot or iced coffee, latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate.

There’s even a retail component to the shop where guests can purchase bathing suits and other beach wares if they so happen to need them. To top it all off, Below Deck hosts a screening room, complete with cinema-quality technology, three tiers of stunning vintage theater seating and, best of all, freshly popped popcorn.

Below Deck

1 Bluff Avenue, Westerly

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