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Get Buzzed on Dave's Coffee

National exposure and a new home for Charlestown’s Dave’s Coffee

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Excitement is percolating for Dave’s Coffee. The Charlestown-based coffee roaster is expanding with a new headquarters in Narragansett and a new retail outlet on South Main Street in Providence. Additionally, they are taking the distribution of their coffee syrups nationally. You can now find it on the shelf of 89 Crate & Barrel stores across the United States.

Dave’s Coffee started as a Charlestown coffeehouse in 2003. At the time, founder and company owner David Lanning owned a clothing boutique and began serving coffee to the men waiting for their wives. He then opened an espresso bar in a 1740s farmhouse in Charlestown. The Post Road location has been a favorite for locals and beachgoers alike, roasting up a dozen or so coffees for its customers. David is as passionate today about his products as he was back then. Eleven years since its opening, David still roasts his coffee the old fashioned way – by hand. The coffee is roasted in a gas-fired roaster custom made for Dave’s by US Roaster Corp of Oklahoma. It’s a 12-kilo drum roaster capable of 30-pound batches. At full capacity, they can roast about 700 pounds of coffee a day while still maintaining complete control over every aspect of the roast.

The new headquarters in Narragansett (at 35 Walt’s Way) will soon house the entirety of Dave’s roasting, bagging and distributing operation. The new retail location at 341 South Main Street in Providence will feature a pour over bar, which will allow customers to order individual portions of microbrew coffees. It will also offer something I’m very excited about – iced coffee on tap!

But, the news gets even bigger. Both Dave’s Original Coffee Syrup and Dave’s Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Syrup are now part of Crate & Barrel’s gourmet food section. The syrup is made from cold-brewed, small-batch roasted organic coffee and natural cane sugar. It contains no artificial sweeteners, no corn syrup and no fake colors.

According to David, “Dave’s Coffee is a family company that strives to provide the best craft coffee at fair prices.” In the coming months, they will introduce community events like factory tours in the Narragansett facility and educational coffee cupping sessions. David hopes customers will “join in the behind-the-scenes process– and come away with new coffee knowledge as well.”

Dave’s Adult Coffee Milk!
1 Part Bourbon
1 Part Frangelico
1 Part Dave’s Original Coffee Syrup
1 Part Milk
Combine all of the ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve straight up or over ice.

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