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Donuts For Any Diet

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Shanel Sinclair of Augusta Street Kitchen bakes up all manner of GMO-free, organic, gluten-free and other allergen-free treats. Shanel is a celiac sufferer herself, and a holistic and integrative nutritionist, so her recipes are unlike many others currently on the market.

Organic coconut oil, sustainable and organic palm oil and organic almond flour are a few ingredients in her curated arsenal. Her cake bombs take quinoa to sweet heights and her banana bread incorporates loads of pureed bananas, ensuring that each bite is rich and moist. Some other sweet items on the menu include chocolate gummies and baked blueberry and chocolate donuts. She also sells savory items like grass-fed beef buns, organic salads and organic turkey sandwiches.

After years of living and working in Manhattan, Shanel had some trouble finding places in Rhode Island where she could eat, given her food sensitivities – another impetus for her to open up shop. Recognizing, however, that the food scene here is much different than New York, she continues to make adjustments to the menu. “What worked in Manhattan doesn’t work here,” she explains. “I originally wanted to be more strict with some of the items I brought into the cafe. But I’m meeting people halfway, and educating them along the way.” Most of the items are free of refined sugar, but Shanel has conceded to offer a few that contain cane sugar.

Shanel started her food career as a caterer and sold prepared items at various farmers markets, but she’s expanded into a storefront just this past month. She plans to offer both organic coffee and coffee-free turmeric lattes. “Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory for joints and for those with Lyme disease,” Shanel says. “There’s been a lot of studies done on turmeric for its benefits for Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

An extension of her own interests and tastes, Augusta Street Kitchen allows Shanel to share her nutritional expertise with folks who struggle with their diets. “I feel very strongly about helping people,” she says. “It’s a great way to educate people and have people incorporate [allergen-free, organic food] into their lifestyle.” 361 Academy Avenue. 339-2027.

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