Are You or A Woman You Love Living With Bladder Control Problems?


Have you been told that bladder leakage is a normal part of being a mother or normal now that you are menopausal? Have you noticed that you’re hurrying to the bathroom? Have you stopped being as active as you like because of fear of bladder leaks? Has your doctor told you that in order to fix the problem you need to take medication for the rest of your life or have a risky surgery? Or worse yet, have you been told there is no fix, you just need to live with it and buy stock in protective pads?

If you’re a woman aged 40+ and answered “YES!” to any of these questions and you have suffered the embarrassment and frustration of bladder leakage for longer than 3 months, then please pay special attention to what I am about to tell you.

Bladder leakage is common, but not normal. One in three women will suffer from bladder leakage in their lifetime. Unlike, what the Poise commercials have you believe, buying the best protective pad is not the answer.

My name is Dr. Jessica Papa, a pelvic physical therapist who specializes in helping people age 45+ to find rapid, natural, long lasting freedom from bladder leakage. And that is why I have decided to make you aware of this Free Special Consult: Request your 100% FREE Consult by calling 401-602-7006. You can leave a message 24 hours. please visit https:// for more information  instantly.


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