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Amanda Grant Skincare Restores Healthy Skin

Just because winter's hard on your skin doesn't mean you need to take it

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Winter takes a toll, and it was showing on my face. After countless snowy days outside, and hot, dry air inside, I found my once dewy sun-kissed complexion was now a dull, sallow, lifeless, flaky, sunlight-deprived mess. To help provide the perfect remedy, I arranged to visit Amanda Grant Skincare for a facial to renew my weary winter self. 

Amanda Grant is one of a number of small business owners and artists who share space in the historic Lafayette Mills on Ten Rod Road. When I say “space,” I mean one medium-sized room. One beautifully decorated, very inviting, good-energy-filled, immediately disarming, elegant little room, mind you. No rows of products on well-lit shelves to suggest I buy later – just a neutral palette of beiges and ethereal shades of pink, soft lighting, a camelback sofa, ambient music, a richly made-up bed and her tools of the trade. If I had to choose two words to describe the décor, I’d say it was “simple luxury.” Starting and staying small not only makes good business sense, the intimate setting complements Amanda’s basic philosophy for providing customized treatments designed to help restore the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. 

As a board certified esthetician with more than a decade of experience, Amanda has served a wide range of clientele and worked for established spas, doctors and companies, including Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. She believes progressive, not aggressive solutions help achieve lasting results. The stress from harsh peels and coarse abrasions help weaken collagen production rather than promote it, and many formulas intended to clear up your complexion instead alter the skin’s pH completely, she says, which leads to a cycle of treating symptoms rather than maintaining healthy skin. After filling out a brief questionnaire, we discussed ways to bring signs of life back to my face. Then, it was time. 

The bed warmer was set to just right, as Goldilocks would say. I sandwiched myself in between the blanketed linens and wiggled the knee bolster in place just as Amanda entered the room. After a series of gentle moves and calming words, I soon found myself completely relaxed. Coconut water, cucumber witch hazel, avocado oil, kelp something or other – Amanda was kind to explain each step of the indulgent process. She also recommended simple home-made and store-bought solutions that would deliver the same results. Now that was very refreshing. 

Unlike other spas with a wide assortment of facial treatments ranging in price, Amanda offers a customized treatment at a flat rate, which eliminates the cost concern from influencing the decision. Depending on the duration, facials are either $50, $100 or $150 for 30-, 60- or 90-minute sessions, respectively. If you want to see truly lasting results, and who doesn’t, I strongly recommend adding DermaSweep to the process – a “customized skin revitalizing system ideal for treating lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture and sun damage.” I included it with my hour-long facial, but DermaSweep is also available as a series. I can see it as the perfect turbo-booster for every month or at the end of every season. 

The experience at Amanda Grant Skincare certainly helps explain why her clients say, “All it takes is one session and you’re hooked.” Amanda’s expertise when assessing my needs and prescribing a customized treatment was spot-on for my dry, sensitive skin. The DermaSweep was remarkable and delivered on its promises. You might heed one warning, though. Amanda Grant’s incredible facial massage with alternate shiatsu and acupressure techniques was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Ms. Grant, you brought my skin back to life and I thank you. 

Amanda Grant Skincare 
650 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown

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