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A Milestone for Geeking Out

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Creators and co-hosts of Agreeing to Disagree: The Chuck and Brad Podcast, self-declared “rule-meister” Brad Rohrer and “unpredictable” Chuck Staton, have been recording their show for over eight years, and recently celebrated their 300th episode with a live show at Fete Music Hall.

After meeting through a mutual friend, Brad and Chuck often found themselves discussing and debating their common interests. A podcast seemed like the natural next step. As Chuck explains, “A lot of comedy comes from the playfulness of the back-and-forth of characters, and podcasts really allow you to indulge that.” The podcast was conceived in 2009 and intended to promote their individual endeavors: Chuck is the frontman of the punk band Senior Discount, and Brad is a stand-up and improv comedian (find him at the Providence Improv Guild on Friday nights).

Agreeing to Disagree covers everything from the wide world of pop culture to Providence’s local music scene, but the hosts’ careers have recently taken on a life of their own. Chuck and Brad interviewed Jackass director Jeff Tremaine and Patrick O’Dell of’s Epicly Later’d for Hulu about their new documentary, Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine, when it premiered at the Tribeca film festival in April. They filmed and edited two sold-out shows for the Tell ‘em Steve-Dave podcast (which stars Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers and Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan from Comic Book Men). And in June they interviewed the ska band Reel Big Fish for Agreeing to Disagree.

“It’s really like the golden ticket to anything,” Chuck says. “Any time we want to do anything, the podcast makes it seem like there’s a reason to do it.” Brad adds, “We don’t say no to a lot of things, so if we have the opportunity to do something, we’re going to try it.”

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