Three juveniles held for East Providence stabbing incident

Adult male suffers non-life threatening wound ·

EAST PROVIDENCE — Three juveniles were arrested by East Providence Police for their alleged involvement in a stabbing incident Sunday afternoon, Nov. 12, on Elinora Street off Willett Avenue in Riverside.

The three males, each under the age of 18, are being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to EPPD Detective Lieutenant Raymond Blinn. He added, the young men were set to be transported to the Rhode Island Training School in Cranston.

The victim, a 31-year-old city male, suffered a single puncture wound to the torso, Lt. Blinn said. He was taken to hospital, treated for a non-life threatening injury and later released, Lt. Blinn continued.

The stabbing ended a day’s worth of events involving the three youngsters charged, another juvenile boy and a 19-year-old male.

As Lt. Blinn explained, earlier Sunday morning an acquaintance of the two adults, the fourth young male, attempted to purchase an illegal substance from the three others. An altercation of some kind occurred. Feeling he was wronged in the exchange, the fourth juvenile made the two adults aware of the situation. Later in the day, sometime around 2 p.m., the adults then drove around in a vehicle seeking the trio, happening upon them at Elinora and Willett.

The 31-year-old next exited the vehicle to confront the three boys. An argument ensued. Each of the juveniles was armed with a knife, Lt. Blinn said. One used the weapon on the victim.

While the incident was occurring, a resident phoned police, who reached the scene just after the events unfolded, Lt. Blinn added. Officers quelled the situation, making the arrests and getting the victim treatment.

Lt. Blinn, referring to past EPPD interaction with those entangled in the situation Sunday, said, “We're very familiar with everybody involved.”


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