Rodericks announces bid for East Providence At-Large council seat

Joins Capobianco in seeking election in 2018 ·

EAST PROVIDENCE — A second candidate has announced an intention to run for the At-Large seat on the city council to be vacated following the declaration of incumbent Jim Briden that he will not seek re-election in 2018.

The long-time school department employee and the politically active Bob Rodericks, most recently a writer for The East Providence Reporter monthly magazine, joins Tracy Capobianco in the race. Mrs. Capobianco announced her intention to run for the seat upon Mr. Briden’s notice back in late September. She previously served two terms on the council in the same position from 2012-16 before, herself, not seeking re-election.

In his statement, Mr. Rodericks wrote the following:“I am announcing my candidacy to seek the East Providence City Council-At-Large seat. With At-Large Councilman James Briden not running for re-election, the opportunity exists for some new candidates to step forward. At a time when the city will be electing its first-ever full time Mayor, our government will be drastically changing. It will be important for an honest and thoughtful check & balance process between a city council and new Mayor. The November 2018 election will be historic for EP and while constructive criticism and healthy debate is okay, petty bickering and frivolous argument is not helpful when conducting the public's business.”

Of his desire to run, his statement continued: “I have held a keen interest in government and civic pride since my first 8th grade civics course at Central Junior High school (now Martin). Ever since then I have been busy in some capacity with community involvement. I maintain that zeal for East Providence to this day.

On his agenda, Mr. Rodericks wrote: “Prior elected officials, in my opinion, have neglected to properly maintain our city infrastructure. Also, millions of dollars have been sadly spent on employee settlements and legal services for a multitude of lawsuits against our city. This must not continue. Townie Pride has been badly wounded and although it has made a recent comeback, I want to see it fully restored.”

Mr. Rodericks’ release concluded by noting his lifelong involvement with local youth sports organizations, other civic groups and a 30-year career as truant officer and pupil registration with the East Providence School Department. He resides on Plum Road with my wife Diane. He has four grown children and two grandchildren.


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