Halloween is Warren woman's favorite holiday, but not her grandson's

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Halloween is Lorie Dabir’s favorite holiday, but it wasn’t her grandson’s. “My grandson was afraid of halloween,” she said, of 5 year-old Chezarea Dabir. Ms. Dabir holds down three jobs (nurse, medical technician and casino worker) and still finds the time to craft and paint the Halloween decorations in her yard with the help of her friend, Jeremy Martinson.

Mr. Martinson builds the beings and animals out of scraps and clay flower pots and Ms. Dabir paints and creates their features and faces.

Ms. Dabir once owned a floral shop called, Inspirations and used to do decorative painting as well. But she was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer keep the store. Now she just paints and creates for fun with the help of Mr. Martinson.

“This relaxes me. This is my enjoyment,” she said.

This year, she added the help of her grandson as well to help him get over his fear of the macabre.

“He helped paint the hearse, he helped paint the hooves on the horse. Everyday he would come over and we would have another project to do,” said Ms. Dabir.

Ms. Dabir and Mr. Martinson were out in the yard on Tuesday to take advantage of the weather and finish up the decorations for the weekend’s festivities.

“We are having twenty kids over for a Halloween party on Saturday. Chezarea is not afraid anymore and he is embracing the day and I’m happy about it. Doing this with him was amazing,” said Ms. Dabir.